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About Us

We are your go-to brand for when you’re feelin’ #TIRED AF. We focus on creating skincare products formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients that are proven to be gentle but effective alongside product design & packaging that is cute AF.   

We always provide full ingredients lists for transparency and our products are always vegan & cruelty free.

Our goal is to create a community that is supportive, inclusive and promotes individuality. Like-minded people who love skincare, packaging, design and are not afraid to be themselves. We hope our products will brighten up your day and your skin along the way <3

'We felt refreshed instantly after application and were highly impressed with the cocktail of ultra quenching and brightening ingredients in the essence, such as vitamin c, vitamin e, aloe, collagen and niacinimide. The masks are also vegan friendly and fragrance free."

"The name of the brand itself is a key indicator in the company’s product philosophy. TIRED AF Cosmetics creates products that help their customers feel energized and alive. In line with these goals, the company uses top-quality, hydrating formulas that really work.'



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